Make every moment count in the All-New Ertiga.Feel comfortable
and indulged.Encouraged to experience more together.
Proud to be seen visiting restaurants and traveling
the neighborhood in style.


From protective body to SRS airbags and intelligent warnings,
the Ertiga is fully designed to safeguard you, your travel
companions and pedestrians.

SRS airbag system

The new Ertiga comes with front SRS airbags for the
safety of the driver and front passenger
in case of a frontal collision.

Reverse parking sensor

Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles
while the driver is reversing the car. Warning sounds
help keep the driver informed of the
distance to the obstacle


Enjoy smooth and powerful response, as well as
high fuel efficiency – a pleasingly practical
combination supported by a newly developed
engine and transmission.

More powerful and efficient 1.5 petrol engine

Spirited response meets high fuel efficiency in a compact
petrol engine producing impressive torque. Performance is
smooth with minimal noise and vibration
for a peasingly quiet ride.

New-generation platform HEARTECT

The heart of the Ertiga is passenger safety. Its mew smoothly
curving frame is more integrated and rigid for enhanced
driving performance and reduced noise and vibration.
It also raises fuel efficiency by lowering weight, and
disperses energy more efficiently for
greater assenger protection.