Fuel type Diesel
Engine Capacity 2.5L
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Capacity 70L


Safety close to none

Safety in this day and age remains a concern to everyone, which is why HIACE incorporates both active and passive measures to help protect the driver and passengers. From excellent visibility and the contribute to collision avoidance, to crumple zone construction that helps minimize damage., this is the Toyota commitment to safety.

Pre-Collision Safety system

Featuring smart pedestrian and daytime cyclist detection technology, HiAce has a front-mounted camera and radar designed to warn you in the event of a frontal collision so you can take the necessary precautions

Road Sign Assist

HiAce is designed to recognize certain Australian speed limit
signs to let you know when you need to adjust
your speed, even when Cruise Control(CC)
is switched on.

Lane Departure Alert

If you veer from your lane while travelling at more than 50km/h the Lane Departure Alert is designed to sound a buzzer and display a visual
warning on your Multi-Information Display.


A value-packed workhorse

HiAce is not only the most reliable member of your team, but it’s also the most rewarding. Your HiAce is value-packed, with drastically improved safety, technology, and driver comfort.

Best resale value in class

Based on 4 years of ownership, the Toyota HiAce offers
the best resale value in the light commercial
segment, giving you the security that
yourvehicle will hold on to it’s
value when it’s time
to sell.

Increased fuel efficiency

HiAce Turbo Diesel LWB Van is now more economical than the previous equivalent diesel model ​by 0.5L per 100km in combined city and highway driving.​ So when every penny counts, you’ll find yourself $4 per week better off.

The Toyota HiAce is a light commercial van that is manufactured by Toyota and sold in various markets around the world. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that is highly configurable for diverse applications such as public transport, cargo transport and executive transport. In Kenya, it’s widely used as a public transport vehicle popularly known as the Matatu and other roles such as tour operations.

  • SRS Airbag
  • ABS Protection
  • dial type climate control
  • 130kW max power
  • 1900kgs
  • 7.5l/100km

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