Seriously, that’s what our bosses told us to do and we went all out.
A rugged yet lightweight 4×4 off-roader that’s built
like a tank and looks like something a Viking would
drive—we call it the Jimny. Why?
We’ll get to that.

Vikings Would Drive the Jimny

Outside is hectic. Luckily, the Jimny was built to withstand nature’s cruellest whims. With a powerful 1.5L engine and advanced 4WD technology,
the world is your road and the light is always green
(except when it isn’t, obviously).
Because nothing is cooler than freedom and the Jimny comes fully-loaded.


Equipped with Suzuki’s ALLGRIP PRO, the all-new Jimny delivers
incredible 4×4 traction and powerful low-range capability
for a superior drive no matter the environment.

Adapt to every situation

Depending on the road surface, you can shift easily between
2WD and 4WD modes for a consistently smooth
and controlled ride.

The Jimny’s Up for It. Are You?

The Jimny cares about one thing: doing cool stuff. And it would
be cool if you came along for the ride, too. Because with its
no-flex chassis and high ground clearance, driving the
Jimny feels like you’re a Viking laying siege to life.
And that sounds cool to us.

Rigid ladder frame

From the very first generation, the Jimny has always featured
a ladder frame that offers a solid foundation for
serious off-road performance.

Practical rear storage

Screw holes provide support for optional accessories like luggage
bars and utility hooks to enhance versatility and practicality.
A rear power socket also lets you power appliances
and tools behind the vehicle.