That reason is if you put a child behind the wheel of a Suzuki Vitara,
it would blow their tiny mind. Luckily, you’re an adult
and you can do pretty much anything.
So, buy a Vitara. If you want.
Which you do.

Like a woodman doing a plie.

Imagine a lumberjack doing ballet.
That was the brief given to the designers of the Vitara.
Its bold, elegant, and rugged design wouldn’t be out of place on a gallery wall. And who built that gallery?
Yep, equally elegant and rugged lumberjacks who also drive Vitaras.

Be the centre of attention

A high-profile grille, 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlamps
and rear privacy glass ensure you look right at home
whether cruising around town or
playing further afield.

LED daytime running lamps and fog lamps

The uniquely designed DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps)
feature vertically placed LED’s. Fog lamps that are
essential for good road visibility in poor weather
conditions are also provided.

Take Destiny by the Comfortable, Responsive Wheel

Unfortunately, you can’t drive a massive pirate ship down a main road
or even a side street. Frankly, the handling would be terrible.
Which is why we made the Vitara; a vehicle that makes
you feel like you’re a captain at the helm of a mighty
vessel, without compromising performance.

Save at the pump

The 1.6L VVT engine provides a fuel consumption from just 5.8L/100km* meaning the Vitara offers all the performance and power
of an SUV with the fuel efficiency you’d expect
from a compact car.

Choose your transmission

The Vitara’s 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic
transmissions with paddle shifters ensure
an enjoyable drive no matter
your preference.