Kericho Toyota Genuine Parts

Insist on the parts that protect your Toyota

Genuine parts, genuine protection.

Kericho Toyota Genuine Parts are spare parts available
exclusively from Toyota and its affiliate brands. Whether you have a Toyota, Hino, Suzuki, case, or Yamaha,
all Kericho Toyota Parts are made to the same high-quality standards and are
designed specifically for your model.

Why genuine parts matter

Kericho Toyota stands behind the quality of all our parts.  When using Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya you know they’ve been designed to replace the exact part you require. This built-in performance and reliability give you added peace of mind.

Not all parts have the same warranty

All our parts come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Non-genuine parts often come with shorter warranties and it can be harder to trace the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

“Counterfeit parts are often
packaged and branded in the style of
Toyota Genuine Parts.”

Toyota Genuine part

Toyota Genuine part

Our Genuine Parts are competitively priced

Non-genuine parts are made in a wide variety of different factories, so it’s impossible to be sure they’re the best fit for your vehicle or that they adhere to the same specifications as genuine.
 Most non-genuine parts vary in quality. Parts that have been made using lower-quality materials can be prone to failure.
By choosing Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya you know you’re getting the right part, the first time. They are exactly the same as the parts you already have in your vehicle

It's Easy to stay genuine

A Toyota box, bag or label doesn’t guarantee
you’re looking at a genuine part.
Here’s how to make sure your Toyota stays genuine.

Contact an authorized Toyota Dealer

To purchase genuine parts for your vehicle,
please visit our website to  contact us, your
preferred authorized Toyota Dealer.

a service

To ensure your vehicle is maintained with genuine parts and fitted by Toyota trained technicians, please contact your nearest or preferred authorised Toyota Dealer.

Check your
insurance policy

In the event of an accident, contact your insurer to ensure that the policy covers the use of genuine parts purchased from an authorised Toyota Dealership..

Still have questions?

Contact our dealership and talk to our parts and service specialists.